Young Riders

News, information and alerts for young riders will feature on this page.

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  • 2017 NSW Youth Dressage Championships:  The championship schedule and conditions of entry can be found on the championship webpage
  • 2017 DNSW Young Rider Squad:  Details on the Squad is close to being finalised and after endorsement by the DNSW Committee, an announcement will be published.  The intention is the publish the YR Squad by around the 25th March (possibly before).  Any questions relating to the Young Rider Squad please contact Helen Lawson on 0421 054 567.
  • Registration for the 2017 DNSW Young Rider Development Programme and April Clinic will open on 8 March 2017.  Nominations close on 3/4/17.   All competitors nominating for the programme must be members of DNSW.   Enter here
  • The 2017 NSW Young Rider Championships will be held from 30 June to 2 July 2017 at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. More information will be available soon.

Some photos from the January 2017 Clinic

DNSW would like to thank our newly established and evolving Young Rider Sub-Committee.  Enquiries, please contact our Co-ordinator Mandy Jones.  Ph: 0415 224 977 or email Mandy:  

We are delighted to advise that Grace Kay has been chosen to be the inagural "DNSW Young Rider Ambassador"

2017 DNSW Young Rider Programme Launch

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After the January Young Rider Development Clinic the Young Rider Sub-Committee in conjunction with the DNSW will review the format for future clinics. DNSW will be making a decision on the structure and format of the Young Rider High Performance programme for the rest of the year.  Performance criteria will apply to riders who are invited onto the High Performance programme, with other riders who haven’t met the criteria still able to participate in the development program. At this stage, no further details of the young rider development programme will be made available until the DNSW committee has agreed and approved the program, which is expected to be by April 2017.

Young Rider Development Clinics 

The next clinic will be held at Clarendon on the 10 and 11 April and is open to riders aged 10 to 21 on horses and from 8 years on ponies. 

2017 Young Rider Important dates

  • 28/29 Jan 2017:  DNSW Young Rider Development Clinic
  • 13-15 Jan 2017:  Victorian Youth Dressage Championships - Boneo Park
  • 10/11 Apr 2017:  Young Rider Clinic, Clarendon. Register on Nominate from 8/3/17
  • 27-29 Apr 2017:  CDI-Y competitions at the Sydney CDI event.  Why not volunteer and tell your school that school tours are available on the Thursday and Friday. 
  • 3/4 Jun 2017: Young Rider Clinic - to be confirmed
  • 9-11 Jun 2017:  DNSW Clarendon Winter Festival - with competitions for young riders 
  • 13-18 Jun 2017:  NSW Interschools Championships
  • 30/6 - 2/7 2017:  NSW Young Rider Championships, SIEC
  • 7-9 Jul 2017:  Australian Youth Dressage Championships, Queensland

2017 Young Rider Leaderboard

A leaderboard for young riders who are members of Dressage NSW will be established.  Results from Official Competitive competitions will apply.  More details will feature soon.

DNSW Clarendon Young Rider Recognition

With the change to the age requirements for the national Adult Amateur Owner/Rider Scheme riders under 21 are no longer eligible to compete as part of the AOR Scheme.

To encourage, support and recognise riders under 21 years, Dressage NSW has a Clarendon Young Rider Leaderboard similar to the Clarendon Adult Amateur Rider Scheme.

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