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Information for Clubs

2023 Club Forum

2021 Club Forum

DNSW Official Calendar - How Does It Work?

Guidelines for the Official Event Calendar June 2020.pdf

Clubs-your Region-your Delegate:  DNSW Regions and Delegates Feb 2024.pdf

Please let us know of other links that would be benificial to Clubs/Organising Committees that we could add to this page.  

Club Bulletin  Club docs & guidelines  Seminars & Workshops

2017 Club Forum Presentations/Documents  

Funding and Grants

 Not available in 2021 

NSW Sport & Rec:  Club/Committee resources including information for committees for fundraising, grants, sponsorship and more





Sport Community: Information for clubs/committees including webinars, podcasts, training and ebook.  Links to various institutions to apply for grants. http://sportscommunity.com.au
Australian Sports Commission: Club development. Lots of information and guidelines for managing Clubs  http://www.ausport.gov.au/supporting/clubs