DNSW Event Calendar

Follow the link below for the current 2018 Official DNSW Calendar of Events (right-click and "Save Target As") for print version.


The official events calendar includes Official Competitive and Official Participation events along with closed competitions held at the same event.   Clubs that have a problem with the calendar should refer back to their Area Delegate.

The Closed events calendar shows closed restricted/un restriced events. Please check the Club websites for closed events as Clubs are not required to submit these dates to DNSW for approval so the list may be incomplete.

2018 DNSW Official Event Calendar



Clubs are requested to advise us of any changes to the Calendar and to provide missing information such as level of competitions and type of competitions offered.   Any changes Clubs are to please contact their Area Delegate in the first instance or Sue Bryce the calendar co-ordinator.  email

It would assist competitors if Clubs could also advise what events include competitions for AOR (Adult Amateur Owner/Rider).

EA National Major Event Calendar  [Here]  

2018 Championships & Major NSW Dates:

  • 3-5 May: The Sydney CDI  (closing date 21/3)
  • 7-10 June:  Clarendon Winter Festival
  • 6-8 July:  NSW Youth Dressage Championships
  • 30 August - 2 September:  NSW Dressage Championships

Regional Dressage Festival Series

Details for 2018 to be advised [More]