DNSW Annual Awards

Dressage NSW gives Annual Awards for excellence in the sport. 

Riders who are not current with their membership are highlighted on the leaderboard and will be removed if their membership is not renewed by end of August 2017. Contact DNSW if you are unsure of your membership status email. if you have not renewed your membership renew on line here

Contact Toni Venhaus if you have any questions about the status of results - email Toni

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Adult Amateur Owner/Rider Awards are also presented for the different levels.

2016: Horse of the Year:  Diamond Star (owner Vicki Newham); Rider of the Year - Matthew Dowsley; Young Rider of the Year - Mary Warren; Young Rider Encouragment Award- Brianna Cartwright.

The Categories are:

NSW Horse of the Year at the following levels:

  • Novice (Polaris Trophy)
  • Elementary (Wasseiges Trophy)
  • Medium (Samarai Park Trophy)
  • Advanced (EFA Trophy)
  • Prix St Georges Intermediate I ("small tour") (Dressage NSW Trophy)
  • Intermediate II Grand Prix ("big tour") (FEI Trophy provided by Dressage NSW)
  • An overall Pony of the Year is selected.
  • NSW Dressage Horse of the Year *
  • NSW Rider of the Year *
  • NSW Young Rider of the Year * 

The Annual awards are presented at the DNSW Awards Night held at the end of year Christmas Pirouettes Party.  The (overall) NSW Horse of the Year, Rider of the Year and Young Rider and other awards are determined by the Committee and announced and presented at the Equestrian NSW Annual Awards Night.

How does the award system work?

The awards are based on the average of the best five overall official competitive performances (percentages, not placing) achieved at a particular level during the qualifying period at events held in NSW. For the overall Horse and Rider of the Year Awards, results from competitions worldwide are taken into account. The final decision for both of these awards is left to the Selectors based on the year's performances. The qualifying time frame for the awards is from the end of the State Championships in one year up to and including the State Championships in the next year. Riders must be members of Dressage NSW.

Riders are not required to nominate for annual awards or performance medals. Results are taken from Official Competitive results on the EA result data base.

Young Riders: Other awards are presented to a Young Athlete of the Year and occasionally a Young Rider Encouragement Award is presented. Both of these awards are determined by the Committee.

Previous Annual Award Winners up to 2016 AA_History_updated_2016.pdf

Some names are missing, if you can fill in some of the missing details, please contact DNSW.

Rugs are presented for all horses of the Year, a Perpetual Trophy and rug for the overall Horse of Year, a Perpetual Trophy for the Rider of the Year.

DNSW Performance Medals

DNSW provides Gold, Silver and Bronze medals each year.

More information on performance requirements for Medals:  Performance_Medals_Information_revised2013.pdf

Other Awards

Services to the sport Award

For previous winners and information on the award  GGatesAward_background_winners_updated_2016.pdf