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Role and Functions

AGM & Annual Accounts  DNSW Constitution

Dressage NSW Inc (formerly, The NSW Dressage Council, and referred to as the DC) became a Discipline Council of the NSW Branch of Equestrian Australia in 1986. Until that time the Council had been in existence as the NSW Dressage Association which was formed in 1967. Equestrian Australia is affiliated with the international body for Equestrian sport, the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI). It is also affiliated with the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC).

Dressage NSW (DNSW) is the controlling body for dressage riding in the State of NSW. It is committed to the development and promotion of the sport from junior level to Olympic representation. It seeks to improve all aspects of competition to internationally accepted levels and provides a comprehensive service to its members.
What does Dressage NSW (DNSW) do?

  • DNSW is a discipline Council of Equestrian NSW and is the controlling body for dressage in NSW;
  • Represents dressage in NSW at a National level;
  • Makes recommendations on rule changes and contributes to the formulation of rules through the Australian Dressage Committee (ADC);
  • Represents and supports dressage Clubs in NSW;
  • Represents NSW riders at all levels;
  • Through its Committee, approves grading and downgrading of horses/ponies;
  • Maintains and approves the dressage calendar;
  • Responsible for the education of judges in NSW;
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops for the education of judges and other officials (most are free of charge);
  • Conducts exams for judges;
  • Provides regular training clinics for riders;
  • Establishes the dressage squads for NSW;
  • Provides financial support for riders representing NSW at State and National Championships;
  • Provides Annual Awards for Members;
  • Provides Performance Medals for our Members;
  • Provides Medallions for Club Championships;
  • Conducts regular dressage events at its home ground at Clarendon (managed by the Clarendon Sub-Committee);
  • Conducts or oversees events such as the NSW State Championships, the NSW Young Rider Championships and the NSW Pony Dressage Championships;
  • Through sub committees, conducts major events such as the Sydney CDI and National Championships;
  • Produces the bi-monthly magazine Centreline, distributed to all members and subscribers;
  • Hosts an informative website

DNSW has currently around 700 members. Approximately 55 Regional and Metropolitan Dressage & Riding Clubs from throughout NSW are affiliated with Dressage NSW through Equestrian NSW. You can get information on Clubs in the different areas from the Dressage NSW Admin. Secretary. Clubs in NSW.

DNSW has its competition grounds at the Hawkesbury Show Ground at Clarendon. Facilities include three international-standard sand arenas, warm-up areas, a scoring office and stabling. At Clarendon the DNSW conducts monthly official dressage competitions, special competition days, riders clinics Championship events and training days. Other special events such as the Sydney CDI, Championships and other special events are often held at other suitable venues in the Sydney region.

DNSW holds regular Judges' Seminars, workshops and video nights for all levels of judges from Probationary through to FEI level. The Judges Sub-Committee is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to judging in NSW. The purpose of the Judges Seminars is to train and examine judges, however, these seminars/workshops are a valuable learning experience for all people associated with horses and riding. The seminars are open to all - spectators are welcome and you do not have to be a member of the DNSW to attend. 

DNSW supports young riders and holds regular clinics and protocol days with registered EA Coaches. A Young Riders Development scheme is also in place to assist riders with their training and development. Young riders must be under 21 years of age and do not have to be members of the DNSW to participate in young rider activities.

DNSW Constitution (updated December 2017)