DNSW Judge Education Calendar - Seminars and Workshops

DNSW wishes to acknowledge Equestrian NSW for their support of the Education Programme.

For Judges, Coaches and Riders – All welcome.

Seminars and workshops conducted by DNSW are free of charge unless otherwise stated.  Seminars are for reaccreditation at the given level. Judges attending any other seminar than their level can use this attendance as a Workshop. All candidates planning upgrading exams need to send applications to DNSW, PO Box 372, Richmond NSW 2753 together with Shadow Judging, Mentoring and Risk Assessment forms.  DNSW Seminars/Workshops are usually held at the Hawkesbury Race Club, or the Hawkesbury Motor Inn, Clarendon unless otherwise advised.

  • Download the calendar  2017_DNSW_Education_Calendar.pdf
  • Seminars contact:   Sue Cunningham M: 0419 203 346     Em: suziecunningham99@gmail.com
  • *Practical exams have been allocated to take place on specific weekends, however if unable to meet the timetable, contact your Level Coordinator and another time will be arranged for you.

Education Calendar

Date Level/Presenter Organiser/Location Contact
Fri. 10 Mar 2017 Eventing Seminar for JEs
Peter Shaw/Prue Spurrett
DNSW, Clarendon Sue Cunningham
Sun. 12 Mar 2017 E and F Seminar
Gisela Nillson-Harding
DNSW, Clarendon
as above
Sun. 26 Mar 2017 PE Seminar
Sue Cunningham & Jan Geary
DNSW, Evans Park, Glossodia as above
Sat/Sun 8-9 Apr 2017 G Level Seminar &
Shadow Judging with Sue Cunningham
DNSW, Clarendon as above
9 Apr 2017 C-D Level Seminar
Jan Geary
DNSW, Clarendon as above
Sun. 30 Apr 2017 Sydney CDI Workshop (Freestyle
Katrina Wuest (GER)
Download the flyer
as above
Sat. 6 May 2017 Workshop - Training Scale
Nell Marshman
Manning Valley, Taree  Nell Marshman
Fri. 9 June 2017 Mentor Session with Wanda Snitch Hawkesbury Race Club Sue Cunningham
Fri. 16 June 2017 H Level Seminar - Theory  Manning Valley, Taree Nell Marshman
Sat. 17 June 2017 E-F Theory & E,F,H practical Manning Valley, Taree Nell Marshman
Sat. 22 Jul 2017 H-F Level Seminar
Nell Marshman and Sue Cunningham
Tamworth Sue Cunningham 
Sun 23 Jul 2017 E-D level Seminar
Nell Marshman and Sue Cunningham
Tamworth as above
28/29 July 2017 E/F & C/D Seminar
Sue Cunningham
Young DC, Bendick Murrell Maryann Schiller 0428 632 494
em: youngdressage@bigpond.com
Sat or Sun 12-13 Aug  To be confirmed Possible E-F practical exams DNSW, Clarendon Sue Cunningham
31 Aug-3 Sep 2017 NSW Champs - Shadow Judging, Sit-ins,
* C-D Level Exams 
SIEC as above
Fri. 17 Nov 2017 Workshop - new tests 
DNSW, Clarendon as above