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Posted by Toni Venhaus on 05/07/2016.
Some of the Champions
Toni Venhaus

EA Australian Youth Dressage Championships - Congratulations to all

Dressage NSW conducted the Australian Youth Dressage Festival on behalf of Equestrian Australia at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre on the 1 to 3 July 2016. 

DNSW was delighted to have on board Mary Houghton and Joanna Gunn as the event co-ordinators for the event.  Both ladies are experienced having been involved for many years at Club level. They both did a super job and should feel very proud of what was achieved. 

For the first time these Championships included additional FEI level competitions for riders aged 22-25 years.  This segment is sure to increase as more riders move up the levels. The event was well supported overall with very high entries at Preliminary and Novice level in particular.  Competitors from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and of course New South Wales took part.  

The standard was excellent with some high scores posted on the notice board and very little between some of the top placings in many competitions.  Judges commented at the very high standard which bodes well for the future of the sport. The horses looked wonderful, fit and healthy and beautifully turned out which is a credit to the Mums and Dads doing a lot of the work behind the scenes.  

July is always cold – it is winter after all – and the chilly frosty mornings cleared to beautiful blue skies and sunshine for the three days of competition.  The event had a friendly relaxed atmosphere and the Organisers remained helpful and courteous to all throughout.   The feedback from competitors and their families has been encouraging and many left the venue with positive thoughts. 

Young rider events traditionally rely on competitors and their families to volunteer and do their bit to help out at the event.  Riders and family members were allocated jobs and all obliged and when not riding they collected test papers, pencilled for judges and other jobs that needed to be done. 

Thank you to everyone involved and a special thank you to all the sponsors and Equestrian NSW for their financial support of the event. 

For full results

Offical photographer, competitor pictures for sale - Catch Light Photography

Some pictures from some of the competitions (not for sale). Courtesy Franz Venhaus

The Champions:

  • Preliminary Champion            Anna Rope (NSW)-FBI           
  • Preliminary Reserve               Jessica Gacki-OSullivan (NSW)-Wesswood Boyfriend
  • Preliminary Pony Champion   Grace Tyson(NSW)-Koorana Timeless Monume
  • Preliminary Pony Reserve       Georgia Williamson(NSW)- Braefoot Park Secret Show 
  • Novice Champion                    Jessica Clarke (NSW)- Remember me
  • Novice Reserve                       Isabella McNamara (NSW)-Eaglewood Renown 
  • Novice Pony Champion           Georgia Williamson(NSW)- Braefoot Park Secret Show
  • Novice Pony Reserve              Ashley Cutler (NSW)-Le Flirteur        
  • Elementary Champion            Brianna Cartwright (NSW)-Pacific Fable
  • Elementary Reserve               Sarah Faraway (NSW)-MW Rotsong 
  • Elementary Pony Champion   Nicola Bown (QLD) - Memphis Cloud
  • Elementary Pony Reserve       Romany Sanna (NSW)-Black Charming WE 
  • Medium Champion                 Sydney Evans (NSW)-Dara Park Tequila Sunrise 
  • Medium Reserve                    Sarah Faraway (NSW)-MW Rotsong 
  • Advanced Champion               Sydney Evans (NSW)-Dara Park Tequila Sunrise
  • Advanced Reserve                 Romany Sanna (NSW)-Smack the Pony                       
  • FEI Junior Champion:               Amy Bachmann (VIC) - Jaybee Crackerjack
  • FEI Junior Reserve:                 Grace Laws (VIC) - Southpark Empressive 
  • FEI Pony Champion:                Indiana Anderson (QLD) - Mister Crescendo
  • FEI Pony Reserve                    Nicola Bown (QLD) - Memphis Cloud 
  • FEI Young Rider Champion     Annie Simmons(QLD)-Florett
  • FEI Young Rider Reserve        Sydney Evans (NSW)-Belcam Geldof 
  • FEI Small Tour Champion       Amy Reilly (ACT) - Michar
  • FEI Small Tour Reserve          Grace Kay (NSW) - Karingal Jamiriquai 
  • FEI Big Tour Champion           Katharine Farrell (NSW) -Luxor 118
  • FEI Big Tour Reserve              Elloise Devlin (QLD)-Brimstone Anakiwa
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