Results - 2016 AYDC

The results of the 2016 Australian Youth Dressage Championships will feature on this page.

Offical photographer, competitor pictures for sale - Catch Light Photography

Some pictures from some of the competitions (not for sale but taken for DNSW use only). Courtesy Franz Venhaus

Friday, 1 July 2016  
Galston Equestrian Club - Elementary 3.2   2016_AYDC_Elem32.pdf
Glendon Brae Homes - Elementary Pony 3.2   2016_AYDC_Elem32_Pony.pdf
In Conjunction Real Estate - Elementary  3.3   2016_AYDC_Elem33.pdf
Glendon Brae Homes - Elementary Pony 3.3   2016_AYDC_Elem33_Pony.pdf
Equestrian News and Lifestyle - Advanced 5.2   2016_AYDC_Adv52.pdf
Equestrian News and Lifestyle - Advanced 5.3   2016_AYDC_Adv53.pdf
Dressage South Australia - FEI Pony Team Test   2016_AYDC_FEIPony_Team.pdf
Dressage NSW - FEI Junior Team Test   2016_AYDC_FEJNR_Team.pdf
Equestrian NSW - FEI Young Rider Team Test 2016_AYDC_FEIYR_Team.pdf 
Dressage QLD - FEI Prix St Georges   2016_AYDC_FEI_PSG..pdf
Mulawa Performance   - FEI Under 25 Intermediate II   2016_AYDC_FEI_InterII..pdf
Saturday, 2 July 2016   
Central Coast Dressage Association - Novice  2.2   2016_AYDC_Nov22.pdf
Brighton Saddlery - Novice Pony 2.2   2016_AYDC_Nov22_Pony.pdf
Central Coast Dressage Association - Novice  2.3   2016_AYDC_Nov23.pdf
Young Dressage Association - Novice Pony 2.3   2016_AYDC_Nov23_Pony.pdf
Sydney Dressage Inc - Medium 4.2   2016_AYDC_Med42.pdf
Horses-Store - Medium 4.3   2016_AYDC_Med43.pdf
Dara Park Stud - FEI Pony Individual Test   2016_AYDC_FEIPony_Ind.pdf
Dressage NSW - FEI Junior Preliminary Test   2016_AYDC_FEJNR_Ind.pdf
Equestrian NSW - FEI Young Rider Individual Test   2016_AYDC_FEIYR_Ind..pdf
KEA Horse Training - FEI Intermediate I   2016_AYDC_FEI_InterI..pdf
Mulawa Performance   - FEI U25 Grand Prix   2016_AYDC_FEI_GPU25..pdf
Teams Competitions 2016_AYDC_Teams.pdf
Sunday, 3 July 2016   
Warringah Dressage Club - Preliminary  1.2   2016_AYDC_Prelim12.pdf
Horse & Hound   - Preliminary Pony 1.2   2016_AYDC_Prelim12_Pony_Upd.pdf
Warringah Dressage Club - Preliminary  1.3   2016_AYDC_Prelim13.pdf
Barastoc - Preliminary Pony 1.3   2016_AYDC_Prelim13_Pony_Upd.pdf
Highlands Valley Warmbloods - Medium Freestyle   2016_AYDC_FS_Med.pdf
Hawkesbury Equine Clinic - Advanced Freestyle   2016_AYDC_FS_Adv.pdf
Horse First - FEI Pony Freestyle Test   2016_AYDC_FS_FEIPony.pdf
Dressage NSW - FEI Junior Freestyle   2016_AYDC_FS_FEIJnr.pdf
Agnes Banks Equine Clinic - FEI Young Rider Freestyle   2016_AYDC_FS_FEI_YR.pdf
Equestrian Northern Territory - FEI Intermediate Freestyle   2016_AYDC_FS_InterKUR.pdf
Mulawa Performance   - FEI Grand Prix Freestyle   2016_AYDC_FS_GPKUR.pdf
Warringah Dressage Club - Preliminary   2016_AYDC_Champion_Prelim.pdf
Dressage NSW - Preliminary Pony   2016_AYDC_Champion_PrelimPony_Upd.pdf
Central Coast Dressage Association - Novice   2016_AYDC_Champion_Nov.pdf
Dressage NSW - Novice Pony   2016_AYDC_Champion_NovPony.pdf
Dressage NSW - Elementary   2016_AYDC_Champion_Elem.pdf
Glendon Brae Homes - Elementary Pony   2016_AYDC_Champion_ElemPony.pdf
Dressage NSW - Medium   2016_AYDC_Champion_Med.pdf
Equestrian News and Lifestyle - Advanced   2016_AYDC_Champion_Adv.pdf
Horse First - FEI Pony   2016_AYDC_Champion_FEI_Pony.pdf
Dressage NSW - FEI Junior   2016_AYDC_Champion_FEIJnr.pdf
Equestrian NSW - FEI Young Rider Tour   2016_AYDC_Champion_FEI_YR.pdf
Mulawa Performance   - FEI Small Tour   2016_AYDC_Champion_FEI_SmallTour.pdf
Mulawa Performance   - FEI Big Tour   2016_AYDC_Champion_FEI_BigTour.pdf