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Posted by Toni Venhaus on 14/11/2016.

Weather and safety precautions at events

A reminder to Clubs, event organisers, riders and owners to be mindful of the weather and the impact this can have on events, horses and people.

Windy conditions:

We have experienced a lot of windy weather of late with more windy days predicted.  In addition, the hot weather is returning.

We are aware of one accident recently due to very strong winds blowing over the dressage poles at an event. 

If windy weather is predicted (or winds develop during the day) Organisers should consider minimising risks by: 

  • Placing sand bags or other weights on the arena surrounds or lay the arena poles (and markers) flat on the ground.
  • If the wind is too strong, cancellation of events should be considered. 

In hot weather: 

All Clubs should be familiar with the EA Hot Weather Policy. 

Remind competitors on the draw and announcements on the day of the need to take precautions for the welfare of their horse/s and themselves.  

  • Riders, judges and volunteers should drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess exposure to the sun –  slip slop and slap.
  • Jackets are not required for National competitions in warm weather­.  Pale or light coloured shirts tucked in if jackets are not worm. Shirts can be long sleeved, short sleeved, capped or sleeveless (refer current EA dressage rules for more info)
  • Competitors should adjust their warm-up times with due consideration of the weather conditions.
  • Grooms/helpers should have a bucket of water, sponge and scraper on hand at the warm up arena and a bottle of water for the rider.
  • Horses to be cooled down with water and scraped down after competing or training and riders/grooms ensure their horses have adequate supply of water at all times.
  • Be especially careful with dark coloured horses. If any horse appears overheated competitors should contact the event organisers for assistance.

Organisers should:

  • Provide water, shade and adequate breaks for Judges and volunteers. Sitting in cars in the hot sun for hours on end should be avoided.
  • Avoid scheduling the more demanding tests (FEI level) in the hottest period of the day. 

Storms and Lightening

Storms are common and can be dangerous especially when associated with lightning.

In the case of storms, competition should be delayed until the storm passes.  In the case of lightning, sheltering in a safe location should be sought for horses and people. 

For more information on storms lightning:

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