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Posted by Mary Houghton on 28/04/2020.

Virtual Dressage Training - a Message from DNSW

The EA and Dressage NSW supports the participation of its members in online training and educational activities during this period of COVID-19 restrictions. 

However riders, officials, and affiliated clubs need to understand that the EA rules upheld at official competitions are difficult, if not impossible, to enforce for online “competitions”.  Thus it is not possible to assure participants of a level playing field in terms of assessment of their online tests nor to ensure the welfare of the horse.  For this reason publishing scores, awarding placings/rankings, awarding prizes, leaderboard calculations, or annual awards as would occur in an official live competition is not appropriate or not acceptable.

Clubs are able to run online protocol tests for training evaluation purposes with review and feedback provided by a judge.  However any scores/results from these evaluations should not be published and no rankings provided and no prizes awarded.

We are all anxious for normal competitions to recommence once it is safe to do so, but until that time we ask for your patience and for your compliance with the EA guidelines.  We encourage riders to use this time to continue their dressage training and work safely with their coaches, in adherence with social distancing and NSW COVID-19 regulations. 

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