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Posted by Dressage NSW on 15/01/2015.
Rosann Tyler- Sandro Bliss
Toni Venhaus

Take care in the hot weather

Reminder to competitors that with the hot weather predicted please take precautions for the welfare of the horses and riders.

Riders should drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess exposure to the sun – slip slop and slap.


Wearing coats is optional in hot weather conditions.


  • If a rider chooses not to wear a coat, then the shirt should be light or pale coloured and tucked in when a coat is not workand: 
  • the collar must be either a rat catcher or business style collar - if the latter then a tie must be worn
  •  the shirt may be long sleeved, short sleeved, capped sleeve or sleeveless
  •  a waistcoat may be worn

Warm-up and Competition

  • Competitors should adjust their warm-up times with due consideration of the weather conditions.
  • Grooms/helpers have a bucket of water, sponge and scraper on hand at the warm up arena and a bottle of water for the rider.
  • Horses to be cooled down with water and scraped down after competing or training and riders/grooms ensure their horses have adequate supply of water at all times.
  • Be especially careful with dark coloured horses. If any horse appears overheated please contact the office or gear steward for assistance.

Clarendon events

  • Ice will be available at the Gear Check point.
  • A water cooler is available on the verandah near the results terminals. 
  • Volunteers and officials:  Drink plenty of water, wear a hat and suncreen and avoit too much time in the sun.  Refreshments and drinks available

Weather watch:  Keep your eye on the weather on Weatherzone

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