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Posted by Equestrian New South Wales on 13/06/2018.


On 1 Jun 18, the State Branches, but not Equestrian NSW, wrote to Equestrian Australia (EA), asking that a Special General Meeting be convened to consider a motion to amend the EA Constitution to remove the restriction on State Branch Board Directors serving on the EA Board.

When asked by EA, the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) confirmed that the proposed changes are in direct conflict with their Mandatory Sports Governance Principles and if introduced, may put EA’s high performance and participation funding at risk.

Instead of jumping to solutions which are not supported by EA’s largest funding source, the Equestrian NSW Board recognises and understands the challenges facing EA and the wider equestrian community, so will work with and consult our members to push through opportunities to improve EA’s performance and governance.

Some of these opportunities include: appointment of a new CEO, negotiation of a Service Agreement between EA and the Branches which clearly defines our roles and responsibilities including the National Discipline Committees, appointment of new Directors to the EA Board and a much broader conversation about how our collective governance can be streamlined.

EA has invited the State Branches to attend a meeting on 27 Jun 2018, to agree the format, location, date and agenda for an Equestrian Sports Forum. Equestrian NSW will attend and seek input from our Members beforehand.


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