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Posted by Equestrian New South Wales on 15/06/2018.

Stallion Identification Update

The Equestrian Australia Board has responded to the request for a review of rules in relation to the use of Stallion Discs. It was  decided at the Board’s last meeting that green number holders should be displayed on both sides of the horse’s bridle, or, alternatively, green discs on both sides of the saddle cloth will also be accepted.

When a stallion is being led or tied to a float or truck, green discs should be attached to both sides of the halter or head collar.

Identification discs or numbers should not be attached to either martingales or breastplates. This is because both martingales and breastplates come in a variety of designs and as a consequence it is not easy to determine a point that accommodates all designs. 

View the Stallion Safe Practice Page 

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