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Posted by Toni Venhaus on 13/08/2017.

Official Measuring for EA registered Horses/Ponies

Held during the NSW Dressage Championships 

Saturday, 2 September 2017 from 9am to 11am

Official Measurer: Mr Joe Charnock (ph 0415 489 622) 

Location: At the far end of Stable Block A 

There is no need book a time BUT if you have riding commitments on the day and wish to book a time please contact Joe on the above number. 

The measuring will take place during the NSW Championships and horse/ponies coming in just to be measured must not interfere in any way with the running of the event and follow directions of the Stable Manager and Officials.   

Parking: Please park in the in P9 Parking area and depart the venue as soon as possible after being measured. 

Payments: Directly to Mr Charnock, in cash, a fee of $10 for EA registered horses/ponies.

 (A Fee of $15 applies for non-EA-registered horses/ponies) 

Paperwork: Bring your horse's/pony's EA registration papers/FEI Passport and its previous record of measurement, if available, with you. The EA registration document must be presented before the horse/pony can be measured as its identity and microchip number must be checked. 

For horses/ponies over 5 years of age, a minimum period of 9 months must have elapsed since the last measuring and for horses/ponies under 5 years, a period of 6 months. 

Presentation: Horses/ponies must be presented unsaddled and wearing a bridle with a bit and in the care of one competent handler aged 16 years or over wearing suitable   enclosed footwear. 

Prepare your horse/pony!

It is advisable to have the horse/pony used to the application of a measuring stick over the wither - the stick swings over the horse's wither at SIEC. The horse can be presented for measuring twice only  on the day and may spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the area for each measuring. 

Shoeing: The horse/pony may be measured with all four shoes, two front shoes or without shoes. NB those with missing hind or front shoes or in grass tips will not be measured. Excessive paring of the hooves if unshod is not allowed.

A shoe allowance of 3/8"/1cm is s deducted if the horse is shod.

Spectators: the owner of the horse/pony, if not the handler, must have a clear view of the measuring. Other persons may not crowd the measuring area. Directions given by the Measurer must be followed. 

Further Information Regarding Official Measuring: see EA website

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