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Posted by By Krystyna Pollard for Dressage NSW on 30/07/2015.
Alexis Hellyer on Waca W
Franz Venhaus

Huge boost in entries at the 2015 NSW Dressage Championships

The 2015 NSW Dressage Championships – More varied than ever before!

Seasoned professionals, talented amateurs, ponies and Para-Equestrians. 

By Krystyna Pollard for Dressage NSW

Competition is set to be fierce at the 2015 NSW Dressage Championships, with hundreds of horses and riders entering the September event.

Entries closed on July 22, resulting in more than 200 riders set to complete 410 tests on 266 horses across all levels from September 3 to 6 at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC).

Entries are up on last year’s event, which saw a total of 327 tests ridden.

Amateur Owner Riders (AOR) will compete in their own division for the first time in 2015, with 163 riders entering on 86 horses.

The 2015 championships aim to encourage excellence across the spectrum of the sport, from club riders to professionals, ponies to Para-Equestrians.

Riders are also being urged to form teams so regions, clubs, or even just groups of friends can go head-to-head during the championships.

The event has free entry and spectators are being urged to take advantage of the fantastic shopping in the trade village before taking in some of the tests.

For more information on the championships, go to the Dressage Champsionship webpage 



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