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Posted by Toni Venhaus on 15/01/2016.
Judges Seminar at Clarendon with Peter Shaw
Toni Venhaus

Eventing Judges & Dressage Judges - Look at this new opportunity!

In NSW, Eventing NSW and Dressage NSW have joined forces to provide a Preliminary Judges Course for both Eventing and straight dressage judges.  This is an approved EA NOAS Officials course.  Peter Shaw, National A level Judge and Judge Educator and Eventing FEI judge, will be the course director for the dressage seminar.

This seminar will be held at Bicentennial Equestrian Park, Exeter Road, Camden 2570 (in the main building), (GPS: -.051779, 150.691584.) Saturday, January 30th, 2016.  It is being run as part of the FEI upgrading process for Eventing officials, TD’s, CD’s, Stewards and Judges.

For Eventing Dressage judges, this course is the first step on your path to becoming accredited as a National Eventing Dressage Judge and also your first step towards FEI judging status should you want to upgrade.

For Dressage Judges either accredited or wanting to be, this course is the same as our Preliminary (H) Level with an additional Eventing module.   Whichever way you look at this, it is an opportunity to broaden your judging skills which in the future can lead to FEI status after reaching Elementary level. If you don’t need this as your seminar it can easily act as an additional workshop for reaccreditation purposes and introduce you to another exciting equestrian discipline.

The day will commence at 9.45 with a welcome to all followed by theory until lunchtime.  A pause for lunch then onto the afternoon practical session.  We are very fortunate to have Shane Rose provide both the demonstration horses and riders for us to watch and discuss.

For more information please contact:

If you could like to attend the Eventing Seminar held on Saturday, 30 January 2016 at Bicentennial Park Camden, please register your intention by emailing Vicky Burgess and provide the following information;




Judging level if appliciable


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