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Posted by Mary Houghton on 16/04/2021.

DNSW Position Statement

Judging without a writer and/or judges being obliged to write their own scores is considered by Dressage NSW to be unacceptable and is in breach of EA National Dressage Rule G.8.1. which reads in part:     “each judge must be allocated a capable writer”.

Judging without a writer and scoring without comments is not condoned by DNSW and this position is supported by ENSW and the EADC.  Dressage NSW views this as an undesirable judging practice and strongly recommends that judges reconsider any invitations where they have accepted to judge under these conditions.

ENSW, the EADC and DNSW do not condone the use of judges without writers in any competition.  It is against the spirit of the sport, it is in breach of the EA rules and regulations and it leaves judges in a very vulnerable position should an accident occur in their arena which they are unable to observe whilst writing down their own scores.

Affiliated Clubs that disregard the EA rules and conduct competitions under these conditions may be subject to disciplinary action by ENSW.

Riders and owners have a reasonable expectation to receive duly considered comments and marks from the judges, neither of which is possible when a judge has to act without a writer.

In discussion with the EADC, DNSW strongly supports the return to competition under the guidelines for COVID management issued by the NSW Government Health authorities.

As of Wednesday, 14th April 2021 Service NSW advised that there was currently no government directive, policy, advice, or public health order that would prevent or recommend against a judge and writer being together in one vehicle.

If an organisation or club absolutely requires a firm policy or guideline, the appropriate one to use is the directive for a ride-share. This mandates the passenger is in the back seat, and whilst masks are recommended, they are not compulsory.

Mandy Jones

President, Dressage NSW

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