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Posted by Mary Houghton on 07/12/2020.

Casual Vacancies on the DNSW Committee

The resignations of Petra Keranen and Mary Houghton from the DNSW committee have created two casual vacancies on the committee.  

Mary will remain involved with the committee in her role as Admin Secretary.

DNSW is calling for nominations to fill these casual vacancies.  The positions expire at the AGM in 2021 and the persons filling the casual vacancies can then stand for election for the next three-year term.  Applications for these vacancies should reach the Admin Secretary by 1st February 2021 and will be considered by the committee at the 9th February 2021 committee meeting.

More information on the role and function of DNSW, our Constitution, and the expectations of the committee can be found on the DNSW web site CLICK HERE.  

DNSW Committee Casual Vacancy Nomination Form  Committee_Nomination_Form_CasualVacancy_2020.pdf

Anyone interested in being involved can contact either of our Vice-Presidents, Sue Cunningham (0419 203 346) or Julie Jones (04110 405 505), or Mary Houghton, Admin Secretary (0409 841 089).

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