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Posted by Toni Venhaus on 07/12/2017.

2018 DNSW Committee

The Annual General Meeting for Dressage NSW was held on Tuesday, 5 December 2017. 

Four positions were declared vacant at the AGM and three nominations were received from Sue Cunningham, Julie Jones and Kathy Shelley.  Marjolyn Thomas was elected from the floor at the meeting.  All were re-elected for the 2018-2020 term. 

Vicky Newham did not re-stand for the Committee and the Committee would like to thank both Vicky and Suzanne for their contribution during their timeon the Committee. 

After the AGM, the DNSW Committee elected the Executive for 2018.    

The Committee has also appointed Andree Wheeler to the Committee to fill the casual vacancy created with the recent resignation of Suzanne Doyle.  

The Committee for 2018: 


  • President: Helen Lawson
  • Honorary Secretary: To be advised
  • Honorary Treasurer:  Petra Keranan
  • Vice President:  Sue Cunningham
  • Vice President:  Julie Jones 

Committee Members

  • Michelle Becchio
  • Gail Benson
  • Jan Geary
  • Earle Olaisen
  • Kathy Shelley
  • Marjolyn Thomas
  • Joceyln West
  • Andree Wheeler

As well as being on the DNSW Committee, Marjolyn Thomas will take over as Area Delegate for the North-West Region replacing outgoing Delegate Helen Zimic.  The Members at the AGM expressed a vote of thanks to Helen who has represented the region for many years.

Co-opted member Judith Wilson has stepped down for her role as financial assistant to the Treasurer and Judy’s contribution was recognised at the AGM. 

Outgoing Honorary Secretary, Toni Venhaus did not re-nominate for the Committee. Toni will assist the Committee until a replacement Secretary can be found and will  continue as the Event Director of the Sydney CDI and will assist with other major events and the website.

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