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Posted by Toni Venhaus on 26/07/2017.

2017 DNSW Leaderboard Status

The leaderboard for the DNSW Annual Awards as at 22 July 2017 is on the link below.



The leaderboard is determined from results in the EA result system and competitors please be aware that a lot of results have not been entered in the system as yet.  The leaderboard standings will change as more results are entered. 

Before you enquire about your results check the results search to see what results have been recorded for your horse.  Note also that more results may have been entered into the system after we we received the results to run our leaderboard programme.

Riders should advise DNSW if their status changes, e.g. if you wish to be considered as an Adult Amateur Owner/Rider.  Please read the guidelines to ensure you comply. 

The qualifying period for the awards is from the end of the State Championships in one year up to and including the State Championships in the following year. 

The winners for 2017 will be determined after the 2017 NSW Dressage Championships in September. 

Some clubs are also slow in sending in results  which is another issue which we are following up.

  • For more Information on the Annual Awards system and how it works:  click here 

Some competitors need to renew their membership with DNSW otherwise they will removed from the leaderboard.  If you are unsure of your membership status email Tracey Lesslie 

Congratulations to all.  The 2017 NSW Dressage Championships will be final decider to determine to 2017 winners!

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