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This page will be updated regularly with information on the 2015 event.

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DRAWS are now available (updated 18/10) Click here 
Stable, Tack & Day Parking Allocation (updated 17/10)  2015Nats_Stables_Allocation.pdf
Competitor Information Pack Rider_info _Nat CH 2015.pdf
Camping Allocation (updated 17/10)  2015Nats_Camping_Allocation.pdf
Camping Map - South Truck Park 2015Nats_Camping_Layout.pdf
Cabin Allocation (updated 17/10)   2015Nats_Cabin_Allocations.pdf
Additional Stable, camping bookings can be made on Nominate  Link to Nominate 
Compulsory Horse Health Bio-Security Declaration NSW Horse Health Declaration - 2015.docx
Fitness Inspection (Trot-up) Timetable  Nats2015_CDI-W_CDN and CDI_Y_Trot-up Draw.pdf
Presentation Schedule  2015AusChamps_Presentation_Schelude.pdf
The schedule and conditions of entry 2015_AUS_Dressage_Champs_Schedule.pdf
Team Entry Form (PDF)  TeamEntryForm_2015_AUS_Dressage_Champs.pdf
Team Entry Form (word doc) State_Team_Entry_Form_NatCh_2015.docx 
Venue Layout  NatCh_2015_VenueMap.pdf
Indoor Seating Plan   Indoor_Seating_Blocks_seating_generic.pdf 
Stable Layout Stables_layout_SIEC_2012.pdf

For conditions of entry and eligibilty criteria, refer section 8 and 13 (Para Equestrian) of the EA Dressage Rules.  

CDI-W, CDI-Y competitors

  • FEI Approved Schedule for CDI-W, CDI-Y 

  • COMPULSORY FEI Veterinarian ID Card for FEI events.  Private Veterinarians are required to have FEI ID Card to access stables and treat horses taking part in CDI events.  Make sure your Vet is aware of these rules  More information on the FEI website]
  • All Veterinarians requiring access to the stable or other restricted areas and/or carrying out supportive treatments at an FEI event must be listed as an FEI Veterinarian and carry their FEI identification (ID) card from 1 June 2012.
  • FEI sancitioned events - (CDI-W, CDI-Y):  All CDI-W horses must have a current FEI Passport or an FEI Recognition card to accompany their EA Identification Document.  CDI-Y horses may compete with their regular EA registration papers.

  • FEI Numbers explained.  This document contains information explaining where to find the FEI different numbers required to enter a CDI event

  • Information on Drugs in Sport and Therapeutic Use Exemption form (TUE)  for athletes can be found on the national website  [Here]

Enquiries:  Cathie Drury-Klein 0417 224 432 or e-mail