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2015 Results


Wednesday 21st Oct 2015 (updated 17/10)

Para Equestrian Team Tests


Thursday 22nd Oct 2015 (updated 21/10)

Prix St Georges Championship  Prix_St_Georges_Thurs.pdf

Intermediate II Championship  Intermediate_II_Thurs.pdf

FEI Intermediate A Competition  Intermediate_A_Thurs.pdf

Para-Equestrian Individual Competition  ParaEquestrian_Individual_Thurs.pdf

Friday 23rd Oct 2015 (updated 22/10)

Intermediate I Championship  Intermediate_I_Friday.pdf

FEI Intermediate B Competition  Intermediate_B_Friday.pdf

CDI-Y Teams Competition  Young_Rider_Team_Friday.pdf

Grand Prix CDN Competition  Grand_Prix_CDN_Friday (2).pdf

Grand Prix CDI-W Championship  Grand_Prix_CDI_W_Friday.pdf

Advanced Championship (5.2 & 5.3) Advanced_Friday.pdf


Saturday 24th Oct 2015 (updated 17/10)

CDI-Y Individual Competition  2015AusCHamps_Draw_FEI_CDI-Y Ind.pdf

Para Equestrian Freestyle Competition  2015AusChamps_Draw_ParaEquestrian_Fstyle.pdf

Elementary Championship (3.2 & 3.3)  2015AusChamps_Draw_Elementary.pdf

Advanced Freestyle to Music  2015AusChamps_Draw_Advanced_Freestyle.pdf

Intermediate Freestyle to Music  2015AusChamps_Draw_Intermediate_Fstyle.pdf

EA Medium Tour Freestyle to Music  2015AusChamps_Draw_Medium_Tour_Fstyle.pdf

Grand Prix CDN Freestyle to Music  2015AusChamps_Draw_Grand_Prix_CDN_Fstyle.pdf

Grand Prix CDI-W Freestyle to Music  2015AusChamps_Draw_Grand_Prix_CDIW_Fstyle.pdf 

Sunday 25th October 2015

CDI-Y Freestyle to Music  2015AusChamps_CDI_Y_Fstlye_Sunday.pdf

Grand Prix Special CDN  2015AusChamps_Grand_Prix_Special_Sunday.pdf

Prix St Georges Stars of the Future  2015AusChamps_PSG_StarsOfFuture_Sunday.pdf 

Novice Championship (2.2 & 2.3)  2015AusChamps_Novice_Sunday.pdf

Medium Championship (4.2 & 4.3) 2015AusChamps_Medium_Sunday.pdf



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