Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting for Members of DNSW
An Extraordinary General Meetng will be held on Tuesday, 9 December 2014 at 6.00pm
Location:  Windsor Bowling Club, corner of George and Tebbutt Streets, Windsor
Dressage NSW has received a request in writing in line with Clause 70 of the Constitution of Dressage NSW, for an Extraordinary General Meeting the call for which is as follows: 
The signatories of the letter received to request an EGM advise the purpose of the meeting is to propose that DNSW makes a public statement on behalf of its members to Equestrian Australia and Equestrian NSW stating that it does not support the current EA Hendra By-Law in its present form.
The signatories call on DNSW to make a public statement that it will not support Equestrian Australia’s Hendra Policy By-Law in its present form, and will not support the implementation of the policy until the Vaccine has been fully tested and approved by the relevant authority and taken off the minor use permit. There also needs to be a consistent horse industry wide national policy.
In the meantime the Hendra vaccination should not be made mandatory by EA until such time as the DPI, who are the governing body, make it mandatory.  It should be an educated choice for owners and riders. There has never been an incident of Hendra at any event in Australia.
Signatories calling for the EGM: Vicki Newham, Taylor Stewart, Daniella Dierks, Judy Dierks, Celeste Amezdroz, Fiona McDonald Crowley, Deborah Carr, Susan Walker, Susan Jarratt, Clemens Dierks.
All current members of Dressage NSW are elible to attend.
Copy of the notice and proxy form.   2014_EGM_Notice_Agenda_.pdf