Greystone Australia supporting Clarendon

Greystone Australia supporting Clarendon

Arena Rake Pro to groom arenas at Clarendon

Dressage NSW is delighted to announce that Greystone Australia will be sponsoring our Clarendon events by providing a “Greystone Arena Rake Pro”.
The Arena Rake Pro will be used to groom our arenas at our Clarendon grounds.
The Arena Rake Pro was on display at the Sydney CDI and Greystone reports that the response and sales has been fantastic with orders and enquiries continuing to come in.

Greystone will be offering other products from time to time for prizes at our Clarendon event.
Check out the rake when you are next at Clarendon. Thank you Greystone for your donation of the Arena Rake Pro.

More information on the rake and other Greystone products including the range of Greystone Vacuums.  [Here]