DNSW increases support for Adult Amateur Owner/Riders

Dressage NSW will introduce an Adult Amateur Owner/Rider Leaderboard along the same lines as the current Annual Awards Leaderboard.

The awards are based on the average of the best five overall performances (percentages, not placing) achieved at a particular level during the qualifying period.

A leaderboard is published from time to time during the qualifying period for competitors to track performances.

The leaderboard applies to all Official Competitive competitions held in NSW.

The qualifying time frame for the awards is from the end of the State Championships in one year up to and including the State Championships in the next year.  Performances achieved at the 2016 State Championships will be taken into account for the final results in 2016. 

  • Competitors must be current members of Dressage NSW to be eligible
  • Competitors need to advise DNSW of their AOR status if they have not done so with their membership application.
  • Awards will be presented to the highest ranked AOR at each level at the end of the qualifying period at our Annual Awards Night in November.
  • The onus is on the rider to be aware of the rules regarding AOR eligibility.  AOR status will be removed from riders found to be in breach of the rules. 

Fill out the on-line form now to nominate for AOR Status 

Or you can print out the nomination form and mail in to us: Nominations_AOR_leaderboard.pdf]

For further information on the Awards system [here]

For further information on the AOR requirements please read the EA guidelines (updated September 2015): 2015_National_AOR_Guidelines.pdf

2016 NSW Dressage Championships - AOR Competitions

Adult Amateur Owner/Rider (AOR) competitions will be offered at the NSW Championships in 2016 where riders will have the option to enter either Open competitions or competitions just for Adult Amateur Owner/Riders. 

The same performance qualifications requirements will apply for Open and AAOR competitions.  Competitions with smaller numbers may be grouped together and judged as one competition with the results being split between Open and AOR.

Prize details will be included in the schedule.

In line with the conditions of entry for a State Championships, all EA members who have achieved the performance requirement are eligible to enter.

For more information on the Championships visit the web page 

DNSW would be pleased to hear from any sponsor who is interested in sponsoring AOR competitions at the Championships.  Please contact Toni Venhaus on 0418 686 781 or email: [email protected] or Helen Lawson 0421 054 567 or email: [email protected]