Clarendon Adult Amateur Owner/Rider Division

Dressage NSW will continue to offer the Adult Amateur Owner/Rider division concept for our events at Clarendon in 2015.  

To qualify as an Amateur Owner/Rider the rider must not have competed in an FEI Sanctioned  CDI (PSG- GP ) or CDI-W in the prior 3 calendar years.  

What this means is that if you have ridden in a national competition (CDN) held in conjunction with the Sydney CDI for instance,  in Advanced, Young Horse or Prix St Georges  or Grand Prix CDN competitions, this does not exclude you from competing at Clarendon as an Amateur owner/rider.   If you have competed in a CDI competition from Prix St Georges to Grand Prix  in the prior 3 years then you are not eligble to compete as an Amateur.   

National Adult Amateur Owner/Rider division - National_Adult_Amateur_Owner_Rider_2019_Division.pd_.pdf 

Format and Procedure for Clarendon

  • Only Official Competitive competitions apply.
  • Only members of DNSW can be part of the “A O/R” Clarendon scheme.
  • Riders must select the AOR option at the time of joining/renewing your DNSW membership
  • Riders must be 21 years or age or over and can enter in the year they turn 21
  • Competitors are to identify at time of entry if they wish to take part in that event as an Amateur Owner/Rider (A O/R).
  • A normal draw will take place and Amateur Owner/Rider will be tagged on the draw with “A O/R” to identify the riders who are part of the scheme.
  • All horses will go into the same draw unless entries warrant having two divisions.
  • Normal grading points apply as per current EA Dressage rules.
  • Result sheets will show the entire competition with “A O/R” tagged.
  • A separate result sheet may be published for information only showing only “A O/R” results.
  • Ribbons will be presented as per normal Clarendon conditions of entry for the entire competition.
  • Ribbons will be presented to “A O/R” competitors based on the same format for Clarendon eg. Up to 5 horses: Ribbons to 3rd place; - Over 5 horses: Ribbons to 6th place.