Australian Dressage International Travel Fund

This fund was recently established and is now approved by the Australian Sports Foundation for tax-deductible donations. Funds raised through the Australian Dressage International Travel Fund will help Australia-based riders with the costs and expenses incurred through

  • the transport of horses, riders and support staff to Europe
  • the stabling and accommodation, living expenses, training and
  • participation in events outside Australia.  

Donations over $2 made through the Australian Sports Foundation are tax-deductible.

Trust Fund

The Fund is controlled and operated through a Trust with three Trustees, Mary Seefried (Qld.), David Shavin (Vic.) who “have the most absolute discretion possible in relation to the administration and distribution of the Trust Fund and the Income of the Trust”.

The Trustees are bound to have regard to (among other things) the “desirability of disbursing funds to Eligible Riders who, without the support of the Trust, may be less likely to be able to attend qualifying events or participate in International Events”.

The Trust has its own bank account, into which funds, which are not tax-deductible, can be deposited. This account will also receive moneys given as tax-deductible donation through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). Such donations can be made online or by submitting a completed donation form that can be downloaded here Manual Donation Form 2015.pdf

“Reaching for Rio” Campaign

The first aim is to assist Australia-based qualified riders to participate in team selection events in Europe for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 

We encourage riders, organisers and clubs to participate in this campaign 

  • by organising fund-raising activities and collections,
  • by publicising the “Reaching for Rio” campaign and the existence of the fund on their web sites and through social media, and
  • by promoting the Fund’s Australian Sports Foundation web page, where Dressage supporters can make tax-deductible donations online

Individuals and organisations, who do not benefit from tax deductibility of donations, can make deposits directly into Trust’s ANZ bank account (Australian Dressage International Travel Fund, BSB 013-606, Account No. 2944-31104).