DNSW Regional Dressage Festival Series

An initiative of Dressage NSW and jointly supported by Equestrian NSW.

The aim is to support a series of "Regional Championship" style events to be part of a Regional Festival Series in key locations in regional areas.

2021 Series - Cancelled due to funding being expended on supporting NSW dressage clubs during Covid-19

2020 - Cancelled due to Covid-19

Events that are part of the DNSW Regional Dressage Festival series in 2020

The Regional Dressage Festival Series of events are supported by Equestrian NSW and Dressage NSW.

ENSW and DNSW are proud to support the initiative and enthusiasm of 5 small regional dressage clubs in South East NSW

2020 Inaugural South East NSW 5 Clubs Dressage Challenge South East NSW 4 Clubs Dressage Challenge.pdf

2019 South East NSW 4 Clubs Challenge Results Championship Results 4 Clubs Challenge.pdf